Getting Started

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Please note that you may be unable to access some of these links if you are not signed into your provider account. For more information, please see How do I access the complete Provider Help Center?

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Account Set-Up



Talkspace Platform Provider Login Page   For assistance with training in your first month, click here.
How do I access the complete Provider Help Center?   Where can I find additional Platform Training?
How do I download or update the Talkspace App?    
How do I change my information on the “My Account” page?    

Caseload Management


New Clients

How can I control my caseload?   How do I know if I received a New Client?
Where can I find Client Intake and Emergency Contact Information?   How do I get into the room and engage with my New Client?
Where can I find the client’s Informed Consent?   How and when should I first contact my New Client?
How often do I need to respond to my client?    

Client Plans



What is included in my Client’s plan and how do I know if my Client has Live Sessions?   How am I paid?
What is the 10-minute Live Intro Session?   How do I edit my payment information?
Where can I find more information about client plans?    



Getting Help & Support

How can I document session notes on the Talkspace platform? (therapists only)

  Clinical Support & Community Programs
How can I add a preliminary diagnosis?   What is the Talkspace Clinical Consultation Team?
What is the Task List?   I need to talk to someone. Can someone help?
How can I document psychiatric session notes on the Talkspace platform? (prescribers only)    
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