How and when should I first contact my New Client?

When you first receive your client, we recommend:

  1. Ensuring your client’s informed consent and emergency contact is completed.

If the client has not completed this information, we recommend asking for this information.

Please follow these steps to request the emergency contact and review intake information:

  • To view or send the intake questionnaire:
    • Navigate to Case Tab
    • Click Actions and select Treatment Intake Questionnaire.
  • If your client does not enter emergency contact details themselves, you can manually collect and enter this information:
    • Navigate to Case Tab
    • Click Customer Information, then select Emergency Contact Details.

2. Messaging your client within the first few hours of being matched, and offering your client a timely response.


Our research also shows that clients build a better relationship with their provider and stay longer when the first message is:

  • Prompt, ideally sent within the first 3 business hours of being matched
  • Personal
  • Expresses warmth and empathy
  • Meets the client where they are

We see that introductions often vary depending on the client’s level of engagement. We have compiled a few different examples of great introductions from our Quality Support Professionals here at Talkspace. Feel free to check them out!

When a client is highly engaged:

"Hi (client name), welcome to Talkspace! I am (therapist name). Thank you for sharing what brought you here with me. It sounds like things have been really difficult for you in your relationship with your boyfriend lately. Relationships can sometimes be challenging, but even more so, from what it sounds like, you are feeling that you are putting more effort into the relationship than him, and it is really impacting your life right now. Did I get that right, (client’s name)? I'm wondering more about your relationship, and when you first noticed things starting to change. If you’re comfortable, can you tell me more about this part?"

When a client is brief:

"Hi (client name), It’s so nice to meet you here, welcome to Talkspace. I’m (therapist name). Thanks for telling me a bit about what brings you here to therapy. It sounds like you’ve had a lot on your mind recently... I am glad that you’ve made the decision to reach out for support. You mentioned you’re feeling “stuck” with that big decision at work. Can you tell me more about this part?"

When a client has not yet sent a message:

"Hi (client name), It’s so nice to meet you here, I’m (therapist name). Welcome to Talkspace. It’s  really courageous to sign up for therapy, I’m so happy you did. To get started can you share what brings you into therapy today. I will also share with you more about me so that we can get to know each other a bit better. I’ve been working as a mental health professional for about 10 years, and I specialize in working with depression and eating disorders. My approach is collaborative, you are the expert in your life and I am here to help you reach your goals."

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