How do I report if my client has had an emergency or adverse incident?

This article contains information on how to report an adverse incident, as well as links to our emergency resources.

How do I report an incident?

In the event of an Adverse Incident (for example, client suicide ideation, client suicide attempt, risk of harm to others), you are required to alert Talkspace via the the Adverse Incident Report Form within one (1) business day of becoming aware of the incident.

For a video walkthrough of filling out the Adverse Incident Report Form, please click here.

Please be aware that this form is a post-incident reporting system that does not alert an emergency response or provide immediate support from the Talkspace Platform.


What events / incidents should be reported?

Here are some examples of when a provider would or would not need to complete an Adverse Incident Report Form. Please note, this list is not exhaustive, your clinical judgment and assessment of the situation are ultimately the best guide.

Event/Incident Examples Adverse Incident Report Form?
Client presents with suicidal ideation or homicidal ideation but denies intent or plan and is open to safety planning with the provider NO
Suspected abuse of a child, elderly, or dependent individual-Agency report YES
Client presents with imminent danger toward self and emergency contact is notified YES
Client presents with imminent danger toward others and per license/state requirements police are notified YES
Client harms self and needs medical intervention YES
Client checks self into a hospital for mental health concerns YES
The death of a client YES


What happens after an incident report is submitted?

A member of the Talkspace Quality Management Team will review the Adverse Incident Report. Talkspace may also review the de-identified transcript of the relevant sessions. Any discovered issues or findings are reviewed by Talkspace Quality Management Team to determine if any further actions are needed.

If necessary, we may request your cooperation with Talkspace staff and/or the client’s insurance to facilitate an investigation of the incident and engage in any recommended corrective actions.

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