How do I access the treatment planner on the platform and how does it work?

The Treatment planner dropdown can be found in the Clinical tab in the client room. This widget will show the client's current presenting problem(s) and the plan that has been created so far to guide their treatment.

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Creating & Editing a Treatment Plan

If you have not created a treatment plan for the client yet, you will see the option to Create treatment plan in the dropdown.

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Only one treatment plan can be active per room. You can edit the plan or create a new plan at any time throughout the course of treatment. To edit the current plan or create a new plan, click the 3 vertical dots next to the presenting problems and click the option you need.

The client's presenting problem(s) automatically populate in the treatment plan from the Clinical Information dropdown in the Clinical tab. To make changes to the client's presenting problem(s), you can select a different presenting problem or additional presenting problems by editing the treatment plan. Be sure to evaluate that the chosen presenting problems align with the client's diagnosis and are consistent with goals that can be focused on during the course of treatment.

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For each presenting problem, the treatment planner will pre-populate with Goals, Objectives, and relevant Interventions to choose from. Select those that are most applicable to your client's treatment needs. You can also add custom items to format the treatment plan based on the client's needs. To save your selections, click Done.

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Recording Client Progress on Treatment Plan

To record new progress on the treatment planner, you'll need to submit a new Progress Note for the client. In the Progress Note, select any goals and objectives from your treatment plan to update and include degree of progress.

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Important Note: When updating the client's progress on goals and objectives in a Progress Note, for selected objectives, you must select at least one of the interventions used (if you only select the objective, but do not select any interventions used, you will receive a "missing information" error message when submitting your note).

If you have not set up a treatment plan for your client, you will see a Create treatment plan button. Click this to be brought to the Treatment Planner to create a treatment plan.

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