Where can I find emergency resources for Out-Of-State and International clients?

While rare, emergency situations can arise with clients who are located in other states or countries if you are a provider who is multi-licensed and treat clients outside of your geographic location. If an emergency situation arises where you need to call emergency services on behalf of your client, the right number can be hard to locate. In this article, you can find the following:

US Client Resources

For clients who are based in the United States, providers can contact a PSAP to get in contact with emergency services local to the client.

What is a PSAP?

PSAP stands for Public Safety Answering Point. A PSAP is a call center where emergency calls (like police, fire brigade, ambulance) initiated by any mobile or landline subscriber are handled. At the PSAP, the call is answered by a specially trained official known as a 911 dispatcher. The dispatcher's computer receives information from the telephone company about the physical address (for landlines) or geographic coordinates (for wireless) of the caller.

Please note that these PSAP numbers will not be the emergency number. They will transfer you to the appropriate 911 operator for the client’s location.

When treating a client in a state that is different from where you are located, it is important to call their local PSAP, rather than 911. This is the fastest, most efficient way to get help to them.

PSAP Map Website

How to use the PSAP Map

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  1. Click the link above to open the PSAP Map on a web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet device.


  1. In the upper right corner, type your client’s address into the bar labeled Find address or place. This will self-populate as you continue to type the full address. Once you see the correct address for your client, click on it.



  1. Click on the correct address, and the map will zoom in to that exact location.


  1. Click anywhere on the screen that is gray. This will automatically show you the correct PSAP number to call for emergency services after the word Telephone. Once you are on the phone with the dispatcher, you can explain that you are a psychiatric provider out of state, give them the client’s address, and answer any questions that they may have.



International Client Resources

The C-SSRS Assessment is available in multiple languages here.

If you choose to work with International Clients, you agree to be willing and able to make international calls in a clinical crisis situation.

Talkspace currently cannot provide care for anyone residing in the following countries:

  • Nigeria
  • Russia
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Egypt

(List as per current US Govt list of Information Security banned countries)

For emergency responders for clients based outside of the United States, please consult the Crisis Lines by Country PDF.


Disclaimer: Provision of these resources for your use during a crisis or “duty to warn situation,” does not substitute for your personal judgment. These offerings are suggested resources for your use and your clinical discretion is still paramount. While Talkspace continually monitors available resources, we cannot guarantee that all provided resources are complete or up to date.

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