Troubleshooting Tips

The recommended way to use the Talkspace web platform is on a desktop or laptop computer (running macOS or Windows), using a Google ChromeChrome-Logo.pngbrowser.

Select a tab below and expand each section for instructions.

Tech Issues 💻 MacOS apple-logo.png Windows windows-logo.png Mobile 📱 Contact Support 📧

If you're experiencing technical issues with the Talkspace platform in your browser, especially after Talkspace site updates, follow all the steps below before contacting provider support.

  1. Reload a new version of the page by clicking the refresh button in your browser, or by pressing Command+R on a computer running macOS, or Control+R or the F5 key on a computer running Windows.
  2. If refreshing the page does not fix the issue, fully close/quit your browser and re-open it, then attempt to access the page again.
  3. Additionally, check that your internet/wifi connection is working. Expand the How to Test your Internet Connection section below for more information.
  4. Open an Incognito tab (also known as Private browsing in some browsers). Cached data in your browser can sometimes disrupt how a website loads. Incognito mode loads websites without using cached data. Expand the How to Open an Incognito Tab in Google Chrome section below for instructions.
  5. If Incognito mode loads the website correctly, this confirms that the cached data in your regular browser will need to be cleared. Expand the Clearing your Browser's Cache section below for instructions.
Password / Login Issues

Double-check that the URL in your browser is, not the client-side login page.

Please see How do I change my password? for additional information about updating your password/login info.

How to Test your Internet Connection

When experiencing connectivity issues, it's important to know how to test your internet connection. Having a strong internet connection allows you to work effectively on the Talkspace platform. An easy first way to check your internet connection is by trying to load other websites besides the Talkspace website. If other websites do not load either, this is indicative that your internet/wifi connection is not working. You may need to restart your router/modem to restore connectivity.

This video demonstration will teach you how to test your internet connection/speed.

If these steps do not re-establish your internet connection, you may need to contact your internet service provider for additional assistance.

How to Open an Incognito Tab in Google Chrome

Cookies and other data that your internet browser stores can create technical issues. Browsing using an incognito tab can help determine if the issue is specific to data stored in the browser you are using.

This video demonstration will teach you how to open an incognito tab in Google Chrome.

Bookmark this guide to easily access instructions on how to open an incognito tab in Google Chrome.

Clearing your Browser's Cache

If you're experiencing issues with the speed and performance of your browser/computer, we recommend clearing your browsers cache and/or browsing data.

Note: Be sure to pay close attention to the browsing data you are clearing from your computer. Browsing data like cookies and saved passwords are not the same as your cache and may cause you to lose saved login information.

The below links will direct you to a quick reference guide on how to clear your browsers cache for the browser type you are using. Simply click the link for your browser below and bookmark it for future reference:

Important Note: Technical issues can happen more frequently if you do not regularly close/quit your browser or restart your computer. Fully closing your browser and reopening, and restarting your computer, on a regular basis (every few days, or at least weekly) will help to ensure that the browser's and computer's settings and security stay up-to-date and running efficiently.

If you have followed all of the above steps and the issue is still occurring, you may need to contact provider support. Click the Contact Support 📧 tab at the top of this widget to see instructions for ensuring you get the fastest response.

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