Onboarding Account Troubleshooting

The information in this article only applies to new provider applicants going through the onboarding process.

If you are an established Talkspace provider and need...

...assistance with anything related to your license(s), please contact credentialing@talkspace.com.

...to update your W9 information, please see How do I change my information on the “My Account” page? and expand the W9 Information item.

Select a tab below for instructions and recommended tips you should know for your device.

Fountain fountain-logo.png Tech Basics 💻 MacOS apple-logo.png Windows windows-logo.png

During the application and onboarding process, you will use a platform called Fountain to upload your license(s) and complete electronic form(s).

How to Upload your License(s) to Fountain

The video demonstration will teach you how to upload your license(s) to our onboarding platform (Fountain).

How to Complete an E-Form (W9)

The video demonstration will teach you how to complete Talkspace's electronic W9 form.



From time to time, there may be an issue you encounter that you can't solve using the troubleshooting steps above. In those cases, it may be time to contact provider support.

Contact Provider Support 📧

If none of the troubleshooting steps above have resolved the issue you are experiencing, you can contact the provider support team. Send an email to provider-support@talkspace.com from the email address associated with your Talkspace account with the following information:

  • A description of the problem you are encountering including details like where on the platform and/or what specific feature is affected (dashboard? earnings tab? client room? progress note? etc.)
  • If the issue is within a particular client's room, the Room ID and Client ID for the room where the issue is occurring
  • If the issue concerns a specific session, the date and time of the session
  • Any screenshots* that may help describe or demonstrate the issue (see the macOS apple-logo.png tab, Windows windows-logo.png tab, or Mobile 📱 tab above to find instructions for how to take a screenshot on your device, or expand Attaching/Uploading a Screenshot to Email below for instructions on email attachments.)

*Please remove/block out any protected health information (PHI) from screenshots prior to attaching to your support request email.

Attaching/Uploading a Screenshot to Email

Once you've taken a screenshot using the instructions above for your device, make sure you saved it in an easily accessible folder or your desktop. Choose from the list of e-mail providers below to access instructions on how to attach a file to your e-mail.

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